Custom orders

Handmade and Custom

HCCO is well known for its customized PSUs, since the very beginning it has been its star product. With this website we don’t want to stop that area of work from keep going as it has done for the last years.

The ones who got one know that we offer a really personalized treatment where the artist can reflect a simple idea and we develop it or just tell us what to do.

What can we do?… What can you imagine?

We work mainly with the aluminum boxes available in our shop but we also have done some crazy stuff as the spray can that had its cap as a potentiometer. We even accept parts of gear from you to fit them on the product (are you thinking on a Darth Vader head? We have done it already…).

We like to use materials as brass bars for protection, copper sheets for engraving, gold or silver platings, metal knobs, magnets, and many other things we find around. We are now using laser engraving to get your designs engraved on the colored boxes too.

Some time ago someone in the office saw some nice old voltmeters in a flea market and thought was a good idea to use them in a PSU so we repaired the voltmeter, designed a 3D model of the piece that could hold it and attach it to the box, printed in a 3d printer and voilĂ ! A 50’s voltmeter hold by a 3D printed piece on a PSU.

All those are examples of the different things we have been doing if you want to see more examples just visit our instagram.

If you already have an idea do not wait to contact us!