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VLAD BLAD Adjustable ClickLock Grip


Vlad Blad machine. We felt in love with this machine and we decided to carried from Vlad. We know most of the vlad blad team and we made some collaborations between them and our friend IVAN HACK.  So happy to have this amazing machine in our website.

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VLAD BLAD Adjustable ClickLock Grip.

– An update to the Adjustable Aluminium Cartridge Grip!

Grip with a diameter of 26mm or 32mm and with a rotating mechanism that allows a comfortable and smooth needle depth control. Comfortable classic shape, reliable modern technology and progressive

ClickLock system mechanism provides comfortable work during the whole session. And the versatility of attachments with cartridges and tattoo machines, easy effective sterilization and environmentally friendly materials make this accessory an indispensable choice of any tattoo artist.

We didn’t stray from the tried-and-true shape and proportions, so we’ve made several sizes, so that even the smallest fairies and the biggest bears can comfortably create without thinking about getting tired.

The ClickLock system provides easy rotation with pleasant feedback and prevents involuntary turning, even with heavy machines. This system is made of stainless steel and is very reliable.

A classic shape with a modern approach.
Carefully calculated rounding allows your hands to stay toned for as long as possible and to have complete control over the process. The shape of the grip has earned many positive reviews and has become a classic standard proven by time and thousands of tattoo artists.

Simple, effective sterilization.
Easy to disassemble without tools, easy to clean, easy to put back together. Anodized for durability. Can be autoclaved and treated cold.

Eco-friendliness. Reusable grip made of partially recycled aircraft-grade aluminum. Minimalistic design helps minimize waste during processing. Chemical waste from anodizing is recycled.

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