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IÑK x HCCO project (Video)

Dentro de Hardcraft CO. siempre hemos apoyado a los artistas que nos gustan en el mundo del tatuaje y hemos dado mucha importancia a las colaboraciones con ellos más allá del ámbito económico para así poder crear un producto final que se asemeje más a una Obra que a un simple producto, involucrando al artista […]

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Alvarito Neotraditional Seminar (Video)

Our friend Alvaro did a cool seminar on Neotraditional techniques at Arte Sano Supplies in Bilbao. The basque guys recorded a nice video with footage of the session and a little interview. Alvaro has been using our OM power supply (which will be released very soon) as a beta tester and he is very happy […]

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FLESH visited us! (Video)

Summer is never ending in our city and the guys from Tataki wanted to share a warm day with us in our workshop. We had a nice morning chatting, drilling, soldering and joking… joking a lot. Our english might not be the best but our intentions always are. Enjoy this new FLESH chapter travelling from […]

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